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By Phil Talbot – go to guy | mobile ordering | saavi

Now, why does this one seem not surprising: 97% of text (SMS text that is) are read by cell phone owners, according to a study done by Juniper Research. Perhaps, because this phenomenon is seen in our everyday lives and we are living witnesses to it all.

Moreover, Juniper Research discovered that 90% of those sent SMS text messages gets read not in a day but in a matter of minutes – to be exact, 4-6 minutes upon delivery.

These findings only reinforce the immense marketing power of SMS text messaging. With this technology, businesses expand to a wider horizon at a faster rate by not only getting in touch with captured clients but also, and perhaps more importantly, reaching out to new prospects.

Therefore, knowing and having a firm grasp of the advantages of SMS text messaging is paramount to make the most of this technology and ultimately grow your business. Read on.

Definitely Lesser Costs

Now, as an enterprise we all want to get to the bottom of it to make a call. Here’s the barebones fact: SMS text messaging is less expensive than a stamp. And sending text messages to a throng of people will cost you less than getting into a TV ad or for that matter a radio ad.

Lesser Preparation: Matter of Minutes

Text messages can be prepared very quickly – in minutes. On the contrary a TV ad or radio ad will require days, if not weeks, or worse months to cook. Text messages require but a few words and are therefore a lot more time-efficient than what we may call as traditional advertising channels.

A Better Grip

SMS text messages arrive almost instantaneously – a big advantage. This means that you can get the message across quickly.

A Clearer Target Audience

Using proven methodology like the opt-in SMS marketing method gives you the assurance of interested message recipients, weeding out the uninterested and effectively cutting costs in the process. Now your time is spent on things that are more important like crafting a catchy line perhaps.

Better Tracking of SMS Text Messaging

With SMS text messaging you can track your campaign giving you a clear idea on the results. Various analytics reveal the number of people who clicked on any hyperlinks within your message for instance or people who read your text. All in all, this is a very powerful advantage – something absent in any radio, TV or newspaper ad.

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