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Beautifully Simple to use

Small businesses now have access to the industry leading, simple to use customer mobile ordering solutions. Your customers will love you for it.

Direct Marketing

Small businesses can now target product specials and promote offers directly to their customer’s mobile and receive orders instantly.

Branded App(s)

With SAAVI, even with the Small Business solution, you can get your own branded mobile app with your own logo and colours scheme – helping you to maintain your brand integrity.

Proven ROI

SAAVI customers experience rapid payback of their investment, usually within 9 months. Implementation takes a few weeks and they immediately benefit from day 1.

Personalised Push Notifications

Unlike most mobile device based notifications, all SAAVI push notifications are personalised and we provide the ability for you to target notifications to an individual, a customer group(s) or all customers in a single click.

Ease of use

One of the stand-out features of SAAVI is how incredibly easy it is for customers to browse your products, add items to the cart and place orders. On average a customer can place an order in less than 20 seconds.

Order Integration

Depending on which Small Business package you purchase, with SAAVI Direct Connect all mobile orders are sent directly to your accounting system, removing the need to manually key in orders. No more phone calls or faxes, saving you hundreds of hours a month – you can focus on the things you want to do.

All Platforms

SAAVI runs on all mobile phones and tablets on most of the recent Android operating systems as well as iOS based devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Sell More Products

SAAVI is designed for product brands and product distributors to easily promote specials, sell slow moving items and allow their customers to easily place orders, thereby working to increase your product sales revenues.

Pin point targeting

SAAVI allows you to send different offers to different customers. The targeting module allows you to create a range of offers and target individual customers, a group of customers or all customers with different offers.

Smart Cart

The shopping cart feature supports multiple ordering of the same item code. This will allow your customers to order less than carton quantities and also different variations of an item code.

Responsive Web Interface

SAAVI’s Mobile Ordering Solution also allows seamless viewing of the customer ordering application via a standard PC browser, meaning customers can also access your products from their desktop as well as mobile devices using the device browser and because it’s mobile


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