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COVID-19 - The new world

Enter the new world of foodservice

Foodservice wholesale businesses have had to adapt to this new world
and offering home delivery is one of the new opportunities


Imagine having a new home delivery service!

With 2020 being a very disruptive year for all foodservice wholesalers, one of the greatest opportunities for foodservice wholesalers is how they can develop new higher margin direct to consumer sales channels. We pivotted our B2B solution into a hybrid B2B and B2C ordering platform, and how you can instantly offer a home delivery service and outsource delivery to one of our approved food delivery partners.


Get paid upfront with Stripe payments

One of the immediate benefits of SAAVI is the ability for you to easily create a retail price list within SAAVI from your ERP and accounting system data. All orders will be posted against a unique retail channel account in your ERP, with upfront Stripe payment for all retail customers. Improve your cashflow today!

Solutions made to ORDER

Our set of ordering solutions are designed to enable foodservice wholesalers to delight their customers while scaling their business:

Customer Ordering
Allow your customers to:
  • Place orders on your branded app at any time and from any device
  • See live contract pricing, live stock levels and track their orders and deliveries in real time
  • Get personalised offers and notifications straight to their mobile device
  • Download their invoices, statements and POD
Sales Rep Ordering
Enable your sales reps to:
  • Place digital orders on behalf of your customers
  • Have a complete view of their ERP in real time, anywhere
  • Create customer special prices, manage margins and send chefs their pantry lists
Delivery Driver App
Arm your delivery drivers with the ability to:
  • Obtain digital signatures and proof of delivery
  • Accept customers returns and receive digital payments
  • Get the best route optimisation and provide real-time ETA to your customers
B2B and B2C
Let consumers enjoy your goods:
  • Offer consumers the option to order directly from you through a home delivery module
  • Create new revenue streams and new direct markets

Not sure which solution suits your needs?


Proven track record of significant operational benefits.

Eliminate Paperwork

Reduce manual data entry time and costs with automated ordering and digital invoices at point of delivery.

Improved Delivery Service

Delivery driver route optimisation, customer delivery and order tracking and the convenience of delivery notifications.

Reduce Order Errors

Now that your customers orders go direct to your ERP system, manual data entry errors are completely eliminated.

Improved Cashflow

Less order errors, means less customer disputes resulting in more customers paying on time.

Increase Sales

It's proven that the average basket of goods are 12% higher on mobile devices.

Better Business Control

Owners have access to live data analytics, sales promotional performance and driver management on-time delivery.


Absolutely no strings attached