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Is it possible to customise the branded mobile ordering app?

This is a common question and the answer is Yes. Often we get asked to develop custom features as there are specific business requirements or nuances in your business or industry. This requires us to modify your app to better suit your requirements. We obviously would need to discuss your specific requirements in detail and we can provide you with the additional effort and costs to undertake this work.

How long does it usually take to have a live branded mobile ordering system?

Our average Business implementation takes approximately 8 weeks, and our Wholesaler implementation can take anywhere from 8 – 12 weeks to deliver. An allocation of time is designated to testing. There is approximately 1 week of this time for Apple to review and approve your apps for release on iTunes.

What if I have an accounting system that is not currently shown as supported by SAAVI?

We are constantly being approached by many prospective customers who have ERP or accounting systems that are not on our current supported list. If your ERP or accounting system is less than 10 years old and has an SQL based backend, more likely than not, our SAAVI DIRECT Connect will allow us to connect directly to your accounting or ERP system. If you are unsure, or want to get the latest information, simply email us at integration@saavi.com.au and one of our integration specialists will provide you an obligation-free confirmation that we can connect to your particular ERP system.

Does our company have to do anything to support the APP build?

Yes. It is imperative that you work closely with SAAVI. This is a long term relationship to transform your business. Every business is unique with special pricing and different business logic like multiple warehouse and delivery addresses. SAAVI requires that you clearly communicate upfront all aspects of how you operate your business. We will assist you with a data cleanse so that during the export milestone your App operates and integrates seamlessly with your ERP system.

Who tests the App?

SAAVI naturally is across all testing of the App. Your company knows its business best, so testing is also necessary to be conducted within your organisation. This is also a valuable step to understanding the power of the App and its many features. Remember, it is simple to use. Adoption across your business leads to transformation.


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