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Get things back in ORDER

Integrated ordering solutions that
put foodservice wholesalers back in control.

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Eliminate Chaos, Gain Control.

Orders and deliveries are the core of your business but in the foodservice industry, they can also be the source of operational chaos and inefficiencies. SAAVI’s integrated solutions streamline the entire process – from order to delivery – and puts you back in control of your operations, financials, customer relations, and overall business performance.

Zero Paperwork, Full
Digital Integration

All orders go directly to your ERP / financial platform
and all invoices and PODs are sent digitally upon

No Uncertainty, Complete Transparency

Full transparency for both you and your customers; see live stock levels, live contract pricing, live order tracking and deliveries status – all in one App.

Minimum Errors,
Maximum Accuracy

A fully automated and digitised process which
eliminates errors, disputes and missing orders.

Reduced Operational
Costs, Increased Operational Efficiency

Time and money saved on manual operations can now be allocated towards acquiring new customers while building the capacity to process more orders.

Less Customer Service, More Customer Relations

Customers order directly from your branded app / web shop while you get to maintain the direct commercial relationship as well as the customer data.

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Solutions made to ORDER

Our set of ordering solutions are designed to enable foodservice wholesalers to delight their customers while scaling their business:
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Control Your Financials / Control Your Savings

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Out of the ORDERnary

SAAVI’s platform goes way beyond digitising and streamlining your ordering process. It offers an extended set of tools, all tailored to tackle the unique challenges of the foodservice wholesaling industry.


Saved chef’s favourites and pantry lists


Portion ordering by units / weight


Extensive food and beverages image library


B2C ordering capabilities


Digital picking / packing

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It’s our bread and butter

We’ve pioneered foodservice ordering automation in Australia, and it’s all we’ve been doing since:



Foodservice Outlets
Across Australia


Orders per Month


Of manual work hours per day

You’re in good company

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