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With the greatest things in live, one thing remains true. What you think about you will become. It is the same with mobile ordering. SAAVI believes it will be the #1 Food Service Distributor App. By Phil Talbot – go to guy | mobile ordering | saavi Thinking of using an app to order from your favourite coffee shop, or from your favourite restaurant couldn’t get any better? You’re in for a better mobile ordering app experience with newer and newer smartphones. Mobile Ordering App: Made much easier We are said to be in the Age of the App. People are now met with thousands of apps to choose from for their particular mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows). Ditto for mobile ordering app. There are many mobile ordering app now available. More and more businesses are looking to apps to add more customers and orders online. Leading these businesses are the restaurants. Restaurants have a simple process flows (select item from menu, indicate number of orders, wait for order to be processed, pay) that makes them suitable for getting an app. Check out our other related article here: However, mobile ordering app can still get easier and better, thanks to advances in newer smartphones that would, in turn, improve mobile ordering apps. Mobile Ordering App: McDonalds are innovators Why would new smartphones make mobile ordering easier? For one, newer smartphone screens are getting larger. More and more smartphones are now approaching the 7-inch natural size limit for smartphone screens. This is part of the growing convergence of phones and tablets into "phablets." Larger smartphone screens mean more space to maneuver and make gestures. Gestures do away with the need for a lot of onscreen buttons that clutter up the experience. They simplify using an app. If you have large fingers, you’ll understand the problem. Larger smartphone screens mean more space to put more information into mobile ordering apps — lessening the number of steps and screens needed to input order particulars. Larger screens means larger, more detailed product pictures, aiding product selection and the decision to buy. Also, with the increase in smartphone screen sizes come more powerful processors (yup, mobile devices are more computer than phone nowadays) that would make using mobile ordering apps faster than it already is. More power also means more capabilities that can be done by apps. So expect more features added to your favorite mobile ordering apps in their latest updates. Why are smartphone screens getting bigger? Because more and more people are using their smartphones like tablets. For one, tablets commonly have no 3G/4G capability, so they cannot be used where there is no Wi-Fi, making them less mobile than smartphones even if they share the same operating system and available apps. Tablet use increasing While smartphones are becoming more and more like tablets, the opposite is not happening. Even if smaller versions of tablets are coming out (like the iPad Mini) tablets are not really becoming more like phones — probably because phone calls are fading away (although you can call someone through Skype on a tablet). As smartphones grow, and tablets shrink, mobile devices the recipe for growth which is hitting the ideal size balancing portability and ease of app use. Ease of mobile ordering systems would not be far behind. Phil Talbot is founder of SAAVI – the mobile ordering app specialists and the resident expert in mobile ordering systems. You can follow SAAVI on Facebook. Source: Saavi Feeds

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