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An online ordering system is a simple, easy and convenient way for customers to order goods line without necessarily going to the shops or the business themselves physically. The order is then delivered to their doorstep at a time of their choosing by a delivery person. The customers make payment by either filling in their card details or sending them the payment link. If the order has been made by phone, the payment is secure as no payment details are
stored on any device.

Online food ordering system

This is a system that allows customers to place food orders online, and the restaurants, in turn, accept and respond to orders placed online by the customers. After confirming payment and processing the order, the restaurant goes ahead to initiate the ordered food delivery to the customer. This is done by a delivery person who works for the transport company; they deliver the order to the location that is provided by the customer while placing the order. The customer also has the power to cancel the transaction, but this should be done before a specific amount of time has elapsed after the order has been made.

Online food ordering system has become popular over the recent years, restaurants that have embraced it enjoy a wide range of benefits like:

Offer a variety of options to their customers

Customers can choose from a wide variety of dishes that the restaurants post on their websites. They provide the same experience as restaurants but minus the hustle of being present, thus their popularity.

Large customer base

Due to the popularity that has come with the internet and the ease of availability of devices that can access the internet to people, restaurants can reach a broad customer base as many people will visit their sites to order food.

Beat their competition

Few companies offer online ordering of food this can be used as a tool to stay ahead of your competition as many customers prefer ordering food at the comfort of their home.

Better customer data

Restaurants can keep track of their regular customer's detail. This includes how much they spend and what food they usually order. This information can be used when restaurants plan to promote their products or introduce a new food item to the market. This data can also be used to keep the customers coming back by offering them more of what they prefer.


The internet is an online community, and restaurants with user-friendly websites can engage with their customers and collect feedback while still advertising their array of foods. It saves them the cost of advertising on digital platforms which don't have the same reach as the internet.

Food ordering software for restaurants:

This system interface allows customers to place orders online and restaurants to receive, accept, and respond to the orders placed online. Online food ordering systems are generally divided into two main components—the website
or application and the admin management interface.

Website and application

This is the platform where the customers view the restaurant's food before placing the online order. For it to perform effectively, it should have some features these features include

It should be accessible from numerous devices, not only mobile phones. It should be accessible from tablets, iPads among other electronic gadgets.

● Give customers the option to configure their order; this can inform when the order will be delivered.

● Customers should be able to view their previous orders, and also it should be easy for them to place an order.

● It should facilitate procedures on how customers will make payments. It can either be by providing options like a credit card, bank details et cetera.

● The menu should be available on the restaurant's app. it should be simple and easy to understand. It must also contain food available and their corresponding prices.

Admin management interface

This is the platform where the restaurants receive and respond to the placed orders. It notifies the customers when a new order has been placed and the details of the said order. It assists the restaurant in managing the fulfilling process of the order.

Requirements include:

● It should be easy to understand and operate, and the settings should be configured to fit the restaurant's specifications.

● The system should be able to notify the restaurant when new orders are placed. It should be accessible over a wide range of devices.

● It should have limited access. Only authorized workers should be able to access these sites and not all employees.

It makes life easy for waiters as they don't have to give orders to the chef physically. The application assists the restaurants in performing their normal function with ease and accuracy. From a manager's point of view, the application assists the restaurant to keep track of their workers performance by seeing all the orders that a particular worker has handled.

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