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Every business strives for end-to-end efficiency in their operations but often cannot meet the challenges and obstacles that their industry is confronted with daily. From complications with logistics to miscommunication between vested parties, attentive managers know too well how quickly low-level issues can become high-level problems. In an increasingly digital world, adaptability has never been more important. As unprecedented global circumstances continue to shape the business world daily, the need to stay relevant, available, and effective has never before been such a critical measure of viability. Enter SAAVI, the premiere online ordering app for wholesalers and distributors to meet all the challenges presented by your wholesale or distribution business. The SAAVI app makes procurements seamless and easy for your business and your customers. The SAAVI online ordering app maximizes your efficacy within your industry and clientele, allowing you to obtain live pricing data from your ERP and/or accounting system, stay updated on the latest pricing, place/cancel orders, check account status, order status, and order history, all conveniently located on your handheld device or tablet. With a focus on simplicity and intuitive functionality, SAAVI was built for the wholesaler and distribution sector by industry leaders from within the trade, employing field-tested strategy with the latest technology to give you the competitive edge in your market. Transform how you do business with SAAVI.

App Built for Online Ordering

SAAVI is specifically designed as an ordering app for distributors to help you move your products to motivated buyers. SAAVI’s mobile ordering allows customers to browse full color and beautifully detailed descriptions of your entire product range, facilitating ease of use and minimizing mistakes while selecting products. With its easy-to-use interface and custom targeting options, you can direct advertise slow-moving items to quickly move inventory, with customers able to place direct orders in less than 20 seconds. Designed explicitly for ease of use to facilitate customer engagement, SAAVI’s Smart Cart enables customers to order multiples of the same item or fractional quantities (where applicable), as well as view similar variations of item codes.

Effortlessly Effective - Wholesale Online Ordering App

Your small business now has access to industry leading technology app in the form of mobile ordering, offering wholesalers a real-time, no-hassle, and supremely effective tool for creating and managing their orders. The SAAVI wholesale ordering app ensures you never miss a sale with round the clock availability at your customers fingertips, keeping them satisfied and keeping you competitive in an increasingly crowded market.Small businesses can now even target promotions and specials directly to their customers mobile app and generate instant orders.

Custom Branding

Consistent branding with your customers is proven to increase sales and loyalty. With the SAAVI Small Business Solution, you can generate your own custom branded mobile app, featuring your own logo, iconography, slogans, and colour scheme, maintaining and reinforcing your brand identity to your customers.SAAVI takes custom branding a step further by offering completely personalised push notifications and pin-point targeting. Push notifications can be fully customized and targeted to individuals and groups with a single click, guaranteeing that you are reaching right to the heart of your target demographic.You can create and save an entire range of custom offers, selecting the specific recipients to maximize effective targeted sales. Custom Branding with SAAVI ensures that you maintain consistency with your customer base while always receiving the full range of benefits and support that using the SAAVI wholesale/distribution ordering app offers.

Proven Return on Investment

Overwhelming positive customer testimonials and raw analytical data demonstrate a clear and rapid payback on your investment with SAAVI, typically within 9 months. Full implementation and integration of the SAAVI distributors ordering app can be completed in a few short weeks, enabling your customers the full range of access and benefits provided by the SAAVI online ordering app. Despite the process taking a short initial time investment, you will begin to experience the benefits of using SAAVI on day 1, only increasing as the service becomes more established across your platform.

Intuitive Integration - App for Distributors

The SAAVI ordering app for wholesalers and distributors helps reduce waste and redundancy by getting rid of time consuming and outdated modes of communication such as phone calls, faxes, or lengthy meetings which saves you time and money. This also helps to promote environmentally responsible business practices by reducing needless energy and paper consumption. Depending on the specific type, many of SAAVI’s Small Business Packages offer Direct Connect for mobile/web orders which are sent directly to your accounting system, eliminating the need to manually key and catalogue order details. SAAVI the online ordering app is built for wholesale and distributors with complete compatibility across iOS and Android systems, allowing you and your customers to use the app from mobile, tablet, or desktop applications as applicable.

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