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Food delivery of any sort is a process that depends on speedy, sanitary, and safe deliveries. Food is highly perishable, whether cooked or raw. So much so, the process of ordering and delivery must be streamlined for better efficiency, especially if you are dealing with food in bulk. In this case, wholesale food ordering software is what your business needs, be it a restaurant or any other food vendor.

Types of food distributors

Food distribution is not the same; some people deal with a particular food type while others deal with a completely different one. Here are some of the types of food distributors who may employ the use of food distribution software at some point to increase their efficiency. ● Fresh produce food distributors deal with foods straight from the farm. ● Dairy food distributors deal with dairy products like milk. ● Meat and cheese products food distributors dealing with beef, pork, poultry, mutton, cheese, and ghee. ( they may only deal with only one) ● Frozen food distributors work with foods that have been frozen. ● Canned food distributors. Each of these food distribution sectors deals with specific requirements. Some of the individual differences are transportation temperatures, their units of measurements, cutting, and repackaging. All these need to be specified on the wholesale management software that is to be used in that specific food distribution niche.

Functions of a wholesale ordering software for food distributors

Ordering software for distributors has the following functions: ● Inventory: this helps the business keep track of the food and beverages they have in stock to serve their guests. It includes all the items needed even besides food, things like serviettes and take away containers. ● Sales and accounting: every single coin that goes through the system in exchanging food for money is included and in an orderly manner. ● Making and tracking all the orders: another function wholesale management software does is making and following orders coming in and going out. Every vendor that has a delivery to make is contacted through a reminder sent automatically when a specific stock is depleting. Even when dispatched, the load is tracked until it gets to the destination. ● Contact management: every single contact of a distributor or vendor is included in this system as well. It streamlines any communication between any of these parties with the food distributor. These contracts include phone numbers, emails, and even physical addresses.

How to customize ordering software for distributors that fit your business

Here are a few fundamental steps that you can take to ensure that your wholesale food ordering software is particular and functional for your business: Add the parameters that are specific to your food distributor business These may be things such as the unit of measurements, timing, the specific items, and any other constrain that is mandatory to your niche. That will help you be more accurate and precise. And it also makes calculations and automation faster. Create a consolidated contact list of all the vendors and suppliers you work with This contact list must include all the parties you exchange goods with. To make it more streamlined, ensure that you group the supplier and the vendor who deal with the same item. This makes sales calculations and checking on inventory easier since you have the two parties to make references on. Set up a timesheet Food distribution must be timely, so including a timesheet ensures that you work within the lines that the food is still safe to consume. This also enables you to make arrangements beforehand and know who in your team is responsible for what. Give access to a few responsible people By now, you have heard of the maxim that too many cooks spoil the broth; this is also accurate when it comes to having and managing food distribution software. That said, have a limited number of staff who can access the software. Sure, the whole team can have access to the system, but only a few get the authorization to make changes or access certain system areas. Things like the sales should be kept confidential.

Bottom line

In the food industry, time is always of the essence. Every item needs to get to its destination with haste and no delay whatsoever. Doing this on paper can be very cumbersome. Thus, you require wholesale food ordering software to help you manage the business. With one, you will have a smooth running of operations from top to bottom. Efficiency is optimized, and so are accuracy and time.

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