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Mobile Ordering Systems in the food service industry understand mobile commerce. Pizza companies like Domino’s are reaping a great return on their investment in business-based mobile ordering apps – the evidence clearly show their sales are skyrocketing!

By Phil Talbot – go to guy | mobile ordering | saavi

Mobile Ordering – you need to get one.

The world is moving to mobile ordering in a serious way. And not just consumers, businesses are now proactively engaging in the smartphone revolution.  If you are not aware of the trend yet, let’s make it clear – mobile phones are now being used more and more in business to business (B2B) transactions and that B2B mobile apps development is becoming a significant growth sector.

In fact, in its 16th installment of the Digital Consumer Portrait (July 2007-February 2011), Insight Express, an industry leader in providing data analytics and market research, revealed that one in three mobile phone owners own smartphone. With more than 3 billion mobile users today, you now have more than 1 billion potential smartphone users will visit your website and potentially could become a new client.

Mobile internet occupies 62% of smartphone users’ weekly activities. For this reason, your website has to be optimised for mobile viewing. But not all websites have created mobile versions of their web site. If a potential customer visits your website and is presented with a full desktop version of your site, they will more than likely leave to visit another mobile optimised site rather than bothering to zoom into each and every section of your business web site.

Mobile Ordering Systems in the food service industry understand mobile commerce. Pizza companies like Domino’s are reaping a great return on their investment in business-based mobile ordering apps – the evidence clearly show their sales are skyrocketing!

Mobile Ordering Apps vs. Mobile Optimized Website

Businesses in the food industry are particularly vulnerable to the changing landscape of mobile ordering usage. Because finding a place for a bite to eat is such a common mobile search activity and quick service restaurant business owner’s need to find a way to make mobile booking or ordering convenient and simple to use.

A business owner has the choice of either one of two approaches in responding to increasing mobile use among consumers:

  • Design a mobile optimized website.

To join mobile commerce race, it is a must to develop a mobile version of your website. If your site is not optimized for mobile browsing, users will leave your site without hesitation. Bounce rates like that can lead to a decrease to your total company revenue and if left unchecked lead to a loss of loyal clientele. If your website is already mobile optimized, it certainly pays you to consider implementing a mobile ordering system to complement your existing investment.

  • Develop a customized mobile ordering app for your business.

Mobile Ordering apps are those small applications downloaded on tablets or smartphones showcasing a website or businesses full service offering. Mobile apps for business are particularly popular simply because of that the fact that more than a billion people now owns smartphone, tablets excluded. One perfect example is Domino Pizza’s move to increase its online presence by commissioning the development of mobile apps on all popular mobile OS platforms for Apple, Android including the recent addition of Amazon Kindle users. Consumers buy for convenience and if you can deliver that, you are well on your way to business success. Domino’s mastered this by making its website fully optimised for mobile browsing as well as providing a mobile application for all popular mobile operating systems. The app allows anyone to browse through products that are available for purchase and order them directly from the app. It also allows consumers to take advantage of coupon codes or search for them on their site. It also features a store locator as well as the ability to track your order. The extension of their online business with a mobile app in any type of business increases the influence of your online presence. The result: a convenient and positive consumer experience that keeps people coming back for more.

Consumers ready for the new wave of mobile ordering systems

Prosper Mobile Insights publicized in its October research that 55.3% of consumers are more likely to use their gadgets like smartphones and tablets to shop this coming holidays. Ad firm Mojiva also confirms that the result of its research released in November of this year shows that 67% of smartphone users find their phone useful to compare prices in the market.

SAAVI, a leader in mobile ordering system technology, recommends that all mobile food ordering solutions should be able to do the following:

  • Add, list, or edit products in a straightforward way
  • Re-order or recall recent orders
  • Allow coupon codes
  • Accept multiple payment options
  • Schedule orders in advance

These basic functionalities above are making mobile ordering a pleasant consumer experience that will keep customers coming back for more.

Phil Talbot is founder of saavi – the mobile ordering specialists and the resident expert in mobile ordering systems. You can follow saavi on facebook.

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