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Burger King Delivers header

While Burger King has been doing mobile commerce for a while now (they’ve had mobile ordering and payment iPhone app since 2009), it has not rested on its laurels.

BK Delivers

In June, Burger King’s online delivery service, BK Delivers, added Phoenix and Denver to its coverage areas. Currently, BK Delivers is active in 14 states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington).

How BK Delivers works

The online delivery service can be accessed from your smartphone’s browser or from a desktop browser. Depending on your device and browser used, you are either shown a mobile version of the BK Delivers home page or a full sized version.

The mobile version first asks you to sign in with your email and password before showing you anything interesting while the full sized version is more tempting

BK Delivers mobile web version


BK delivers full browser version

The site first asks you to enter your zip code (to make sure your area is covered). Then it asks you to select the building type you live in (house, apartment, business area, hotel, dormitory, or ‘other’). Then it asks you to enter your complete street address (if it’s your first time registering with the app).

BK delivers dashboard

If your information passes BK Delivers’ availability check, you are then presented with the menu so you can select your food and place your order (there’s a call-in option, in case you’d like to personally call the restaurant).

How it compares with other BK mobile services

BK Delivers, being a delivery service, requires more user involvement than Burger King’s other mobile services.

Its initial 2009 iPhone app, for example, took advantage of the phone’s built-in GPS sensor to look for the Burger King outlet nearest you so you can place your order with them and pay for your order through your iPhone (using credit card payment information). So the app required less address input but more legwork, since you have to go to the closest Burger King restaurant to get your food.

Burger King’s 2012 mobile payment app, on the other hand, allows you to pay at a Burger King restaurant by scanning a QR code at the counter or drive-thru window. Essentially the app is an electronic BK Mobile Crown Card that you can reload using a credit card. But you still have to go to the restaurant in order to zap the QR code and make the payment.

Comparison of Burger King's mobile services

Between these three mobile commerce approaches, Burger King considers the diverse needs of its customers. Whether you’d rather wait for your order at home, or go out to get your food; or get out but pay beforehand or pay inside the restaurant using your phone, Burger King has you covered.


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