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By Phil Talbot – go to guy | mobile ordering | saavi

Here’s a quick rundown of SAAVI’s mobile ordering app development process:

Step 1: Brainstorm the Strategy

Our team of experts sit down with you. We ask enough info on what you need in a mobile ordering app. Then, together, we come up with a mobile ordering app strategy based on your requirements and objective. This strategy considers the appropriate steps to take so that the mobile ordering app development will be on budget and on time.

Step 2: Design and Create Prototypes

Based on the strategy we came up with together at step one, the mobile ordering app is designed and mockups and wireframe prototypes are built. These wireframe prototypes are not yet the actual app and can be rough sketches or as polished as needed, to give you a feel for how the final app will work and look like. We submit the prototypes to you for review. We pick for your selection the prototypes that most exactly and efficiently meet your requirements (keeping in mind being on budget and on time). Then, taking the prototype you liked best, we develop it further and then pass it to our mobile app coders.

Step 3: Code and Develop the App

Our programming team codes and builds the actual app. Naturally we use the best mobile applications development technologies and processes to make sure you get the best app for your money. Every version is submitted for testing and your approval.

Step 4: Test the App and Do Quality Assurance Testing

Our testing and QA teams will take the app through its paces, looking for defects—from the mobile ordering system, usability, and look and feel. Defects found will be quickly corrected to ensure a flawlessly working and good-looking mobile ordering app. We also let you in on the testing, asking for your approval every time an improvement is made.

Step 5: Market and Promote the App

Making sure that your app is on budget and on time, we submit your app’s approved for-release version to all the popular app stores. By submitting the app in your behalf, we can reduce the time between submission and approval.
Once published, we continue promoting your app through our app promotion services. Updates to your app are automatically submitted to the app store.
If this process looks familiar, it’s because it’s a variant of the continuous improvement cycle practiced by many successful companies:

  1. Analyze the situation
  2. Identify solutions
  3. Test selected solutions
  4. Implement.

The “marketing and promoting” step occurs somewhere between “analyze” and “implement” but otherwise the process is still the same.

Phil Talbot is founder of SAAVI – the mobile ordering specialists and the resident expert in mobile ordering systems. You can follow SAAVI on Facebook.

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