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By Phil Talbot – go to guy | mobile ordering | saavi

Opportunities not to be missed

Time and again, we have been pointing out the importance of rapidly growing smartphone usage to any business who would care to listen. Our message rests on the observation that:

  • People are fast moving their casual Internet usage from desktops to mobile.
  • People going mobile means people get connected to your business more often and faster.
  • Businesses can ignore this trend at their expense.

This Our Mobile Planet chart of where smartphone owners in the United States use their smartphones is an instructive example:

As you can see, there are three main opportunities (“locations”) for using smartphones: ‘home’, ‘work’, or ‘on the go’ (‘in a store’, ‘in a restaurant’, ‘in a café’, ‘at the airport’, ‘at a social gathering’ and the rest, can be considered forms of being ‘on the go’.)

Notice the amount of usage appears to depend on the degree of freedom you have with your phone in front of other people.

People are free to use their smartphones at home; less freedom with their phones when they’re inside a classroom. Ditto for inside public transport facilities, where chances of one’s losing an expensive phone are higher.

The trend is similar for smartphone location usage in China (see chart below), except that the Chinese use their phones more at work and use of smartphones at public transportation facilities is more than twice that in the United States.

Does that mean public transportation facilities are safer in China than in the US? Not really. It’s probable that the figure is due to the difference in public and private transportation between the two countries — more people take public transportation in China than in the US:

(More on that topichere.)

An accelerating ride

Remember the prediction that mobile users will overtake desktop users in 2014? Websites with analytics are now seeing this in action. For example, here are the visitors to a popular Jewish cuisine site from March to April of 2012 and again in 2013:

While visitors using non-mobile devices still outnumber visitors using mobile, the difference between rate of increase in mobile visitors (369%) versus the rate of increase in non-mobile device visitors (117%) is dramatic. And those visitors do not include mobile users who set their browsers to claim they are using ‘desktops.’

However, while increasing mobile use does not necessarily mean that mobile advertising will explode, it means businesses that have more exposure in mobile (through mobile friendly sites or mobile ordering apps, outside of advertising) stand to gain more than businesses that don’t have a mobile presence.

After all, successful businesses go where their customers are.


Phil Talbot is founder of SAAVI – the mobile ordering specialists and the resident expert in mobile ordering systems. You can follow SAAVI on Facebook.

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