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Mobile Socialization on the up and up

A significant number of smartphone users are accessing their social network accounts like Facebook and Twitter, through their mobile handsets, according to new research.

A figure from Google’ research entitled Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone revealed that smartphone users are frequent social networkers. User-wise, mobile based service for social media accounts seems to be immensely popular amongst people living in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Japan. These smartphone owners are most likely to visit Facebook, Twitter and similar websites than any other smart phone users globally.

In addition, people from more economically developed countries participate in social networks to express their thoughts on politics, economics, sports, religion, culture, and community issues. However, Japanese and Germans who go online for social networking are less likely to express their thoughts on these topics, according to Pew Research Global Attitudes Project.

Understanding the Mobile Consumer

Smart phones make sharing of ideas faster, more engaging and a whole lot better. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allowed users to easily share their thoughts and experiences with friends. The features built into mobile devices allow convenience and self-expression in real time. Since mobile devices are built on the notion of sharing, users are able to reveal a glimpse of their personal lives through photos or status updates with just one tap away.

Every status update, tweet, blog comment or online review is an avenue for users to share their thoughts and emotions with friends and followers. This gives users the impression that they can generate positive feelings or sentiments amongst people in their online communities. That said, social media platforms have become a potent source of sentiment-rich data.

Furthermore, with social media platforms becoming a great source of sentiment-rich data, it is not surprising to see how online marketers can use this behavioural trend to their advantage. Social networks have become a great source of digital ad dollars through various social ads. Generally, people using social networks are bombarded with ads that suit their personal interests and likes. Precise targeting is the reason why it is easier to share a product through Facebook.

Do users really want ads?

While social media platforms have raised the white flag in monetizing their sites and their own mobile counterparts, do users really want more ads? Yes, people don’t mind social ads as long as they are relevant. However, if brand marketers fail to provide value proposition or better customer experiences, social ads tend to become annoying. Luckily, while frequent social networkers are driven (most of the time) to share something interesting and personal through their mobile handsets, content editing and mobile apps help users protect their privacy.

As the usage of social media grows rapidly, it is not very surprising to see online marketers flocking to this platform.


Phil Talbot is founder of SAAVI – the mobile ordering specialists and the resident expert in mobile ordering systems. You can follow SAAVI on Facebook.

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