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By Phil Talbot – go to guy | mobile ordering | saavi Mobile Ordering surprises all In what could be a peek into the future of retail, an increasing number of mums are utilizing their mobile ordering devices to uplift the shopping experience (i.e., comparing prices, researching products, buying), according to a new report from Alliance Data Retail Services. The study entitled “Alliance Data Retail Services Mobile Mums Survey” looked into the range of tasks that consumers have relied on their mobile ordering devices to accomplish. Moreover, the survey sought to identify those channels moms have turned to for coupons and sales offers. Melody Gintert, a market intelligence executive at Alliance Data Retail Services, indicated that mobile ordering gives an added “impulse opportunity” to go shopping, acting as a price comparison tool in-store. All this has translated into convenience especially from home, the exec added. Mobile Ordering Convenience Conducted recently last March, the survey collected results from 439 online respondents, gathered via the eCommunity database of Alliance Data Retail Services consisting of private label credit cardholders. The survey required participants to have at least one child. The study wanted to show the influence of mobile ordering on the various shopping habits of mothers — the family’s usual go-to person in buying matters. Actually the Star Bucks blog post here confirms this: Marketers have targeted this demographic to build stronger brand affinity, driving incremental sales in the process and triggering higher purchase frequency. Survey Results Show Mobile Ordering Surge More than half of those mums surveyed utilize their mobile ordering device at least once a week to enhance their shopping routine. On a daily basis, 35 percent of these mothers are using their mobile ordering devices in their shopping. Moreover, 58 percent of those surveyed have been using their mobile ordering device in taking pictures of various products they may choose to buy at a later point in time. On the same note, 38 percent go to the length of taking shelf tag pictures as a price comparison tool. As to preference, 29 percent of moms surveyed use their phones in shopping because it is fast and easy to use. On the other hand, 27 percent indicated price comparisons as the No. 1 rationale for turning unto mobile ordering devices to shop. Nearly all — 96 percent to be exact — of those moms surveyed expressed their inclination to receive word via SMS or email from their fave brands. Individual results for both categories were nearly the same, 52 percent wanting SMS while a slightly lower 44 percent chose to be emailed. Further, 36 percent sought the aid of apps to shop while 19 percent of those surveyed interacted with QR codes or 2D bar codes. Mobile Ordering Choices Of the different categories, clothing is the No. 1 reason these women pick up their mobile ordering devices to help them decide. Fifty-six percent of those surveyed seek their smartphones to arrive at a purchasing decision with regards to clothing. Beauty bagged the No.2 category, with 47 percent of those surveyed utilizing their mobile to shop related products. Other top categories where mobile have been instrumental in shopping included household products, jewelry and toys. Big-box retailers and electronic stores topped the establishments surveyed moms are most likely to seek their smartphones for shopping support — usually for price comparisons. Dedicated Consumers – they love mobile ordering the most. How far will a mother go to enjoy mobile ordering? What are the important things they are willing to give up? Twenty-two percent of the mothers surveyed would rather sacrifice time with their kids than chose to give up their smartphones for one month. In a bid to keep their mobile device, 25 percent of surveyed moms would rather give up watching TV or movies. To note, consumers have been reluctant in using mobile as a preferred shopping method indicating it as a low-desire platform. Only a little over a tenth or 11 percent chose mobile shopping as an ideal shopping method. Fifty-five picked online shopping from a computer as a better choice while 34 percent chose old-fashioned shopping in-store as the best method to go shopping. Only 2 percent chose shopping via a catalog as ideal. Currently, as mobile ordering is not the premier shopping method of choice, there remains a challenge for marketers to leverage the mobile shopping experience. Gintert’s takeaway advice is to make mobile ordering “part of the experience”. Slick but realistic product presentation should the trick, the exec added. And the operative word could be a sense of “immediacy”. One thing is certain, though. Mobile Ordering is here to stay. Phil Talbot is founder of SAAVI – the mobile ordering specialists and the resident expert in mobile ordering systems. You can follow SAAVI on Facebook. Source: Saavi

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